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Holocaust Remembrance Association & Garden of Hope


Non-Profit Organizations

About Us

The vision of HRA18 is to see the world inspired to stand in solidarity against persecution, prejudice, and indifference. Sensitizing Hearts to the Issues of the Holocaust. We're creating UPSTANDERS who stand against antisemitism as well as bigotry, prejudice, and persecution in all forms.

The HRA provides a corporate structure to grow and manage a number of individual initiatives that include:

March of Remembrance events
Leizer Rose Horowitz HRA18 Scholarship Program (now housed in universities and colleges in the Houston metro area)
The Upstander Stone Project
The Holocaust Garden of Hope in Northeast Houston, Texas
Group tours to both former Nazi concentration camps
Group tours to Israel
Educational seminars

Even a cursory inquiry into the Holocaust yields horrifying images of death and destruction. However, death is not the primary focus of the Holocaust Remembrance Association. Instead, the HRA seeks to tell the stories of survivors, rescuers, and repentant descendants of Nazi perpetrators in a way that highlights the resilience demonstrated by survivors who built new lives, along with the hope that springs up in the hearts of those who have resolved to be upstanders. The Hebrew word for life, chaim ( ???), begins with the letter chai ( ? ) and also stands for the number 18; accordingly, the Holocaust Remembrance Association has chosen HRA18 as its acronym in order to carry a permanent reminder that new life can spring from even the darkest places.

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